Tenacious & patient mediator

“My Wife and I have seen 2 counsellors before and we were already in the process of an ugly divorce when we met Angelina.

What made Angelina’s marital mediation different is that she is able to unearth and present the issues facing us in a way that both parties can understand. It is clear that Men and Women think about understand issues very differently and Angelina is always able to explain the issue to both my wife and I individually in a way we can understand it. She is both tenacious and patient in the way she uncovers and surfaces the issues and is not afraid to state the obvious even if it may not be pleasant to hear. That to me is the biggest difference between marital mediation and counselling and Angelina is able to do this whilst maintaining fairness and almost gender neutrality so that there is a safe platform for issues to be discussed without prejudice. With her vast experience in Family Law, she is also able to explain the legal procedures in a simple way that a layman like me can understand.

There is still a lot of work to be done of course when it comes to my marriage but I am certain that Angelina’s help is the reason why we are finally reconciled and the family is back under one roof again.”



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