“I had suicide attempts and overdoses after the first court order. Life took a complete change when I decided to put my faith in God. Believing that my prayers and tears are not in vain.

When I was first introduced to Angelina, I knew she is God’s answer to my prayers.  I remember vividly her warm smile and firm handshake. During our only meeting, she listened intently and nodded from time to time and assured me that she is confident of winning my case. That was a powerful statement! Angelina is not only outstanding and confident lawyer but also an extremely compassionate lawyer. During the most crucial part of my proceeding, she managed to succeed with the appeals.  She seeks to resolve matters out of court if possible. Otherwise, she always has my interests at heart and will seek to take measures with the shortest time and lowest costs possible.

I am impressed with her professionalism.  In whatever decisions she makes, she will always seek my approval/agreement. Whenever I encounter difficulties with any issues, she will always encourage me to call her to discuss them further.  Never had she once made me feel that she is too busy for me.

Indeed, Angelina has been my pillar of strength and confidence. She has managed to transform my case of  hopelessness to one filled with hopefulness. My psychiatrist saw me after I met Angelina and remarked that my speedy recovery is miracle.  It would not have been possible without my faith and a good lawyer (of same faith).”

God’s promises to me : Joel 2:25 “I will restore to you the years that the locusts has eaten.” Isaiah 61:3 “I will give you beauty for ashes.”




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