FOCUSED on my child’s Best Interest

“After going through an international divorce while an expat in Singapore, I found myself suddenly in a situation where my child was not being allowed by his mother to relocate with me upon my expat term drawing to an end.  After reaching out to Singaporean friends and colleagues, I was recommended to seek out Angelina Hing.  Her legal background from being an attorney in New York to a District Judge in the Family Justice Courts in Singapore was very impressive.  However, what I found even more valuable was her ability to see the picture clearly, even when I was blinded by emotions and fears.  Angelina was able to keep me grounded while focusing on my true issue at hand, returning home with my child.  She was always focused on my child’s best interests, quick to reply, and made time to be available to talk.  Everyone thinks they make a great choice when they pick a lawyer.  I, however, know I did because Angelina successfully negotiated my child’s relocation.  When it was time for me to leave Singapore, my child was legally allowed to leave with me.  Thank you Angelina!”




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