“Forever Grateful to you and Team”

“Thank God you agreed to take on my complicated and unique case with a history of 5+ years of acrimonious litigations; so much for you to go through. In my heart, I know you took on the case to save and protect my children.  At this pivotal point, and from this insurmountable position, you have succeeded and you have now given us the much-needed resolutions through several Court Orders…

I now have space and peace to carry on and the time to focus on the welfare and healing of my children.  My only regret was not having you represent me from the very start in 2012, because this would have saved me 5+ years of legal battles and most importantly saved my children from the initial 5+ years of anguish and pain.  Without your representation, I believe I would still be in my state of hopelessness in trying to protect my children through the courts. How I pray that those in similar situations will receive the same legal resolutions that you have successfully gotten for me and my children.

Forever grateful to you and Team.”



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