I. Lee

“They never made me feel I was alone in this process”

“My divorce proceedings were dragged into its 18th month and closure was nowhere in sight. My previous solicitor convinced me that there was nothing we could do except wait for the litigation to occur. I was without direction, distressed and helpless. Then I decided to meet Angelina. 

Angelina was very warm, affable and takes an effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease. She was so clear and precise in the way she intended to handle this case and provided 2 very viable solutions to avoid litigation. It was evident I was in good hands so I decided to engage her to replace my current solicitor with only 3 days before a Court attendance for my divorce. 

Despite the time constraints, Angelina and her team handled my predicament with diligence, reliability and precision. They never made me feel I was alone in this process. They were able to communicate with me on a level I understood clearly which helped me make correct decisions. A divorce is a lonely, uncertain and daunting process but Angelina and her team alleviated the worries and provided certainty.

It was the 18th month into my divorce proceedings with an upcoming litigation that seemed inevitable when Angelina took over. The divorce was then finalized and litigation was avoided, all in a short span of 3 weeks. Thank you Angelina and team, my only regret is that I did not engage you from the beginning.

I. Lee


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