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My Husband and I were in the midst of a rather acrimonious divorce proceeding when we met Angelina and embarked upon marital mediation. Prior to this, we had attended 1.5 years of marital counselling but unfortunately it didn’t work for us.

When Angelina first met us, she took time to get to know us and was able to crystallise the issues in a way that they do not seem so unmanageable or insurmountable but without trivialising it either. It did not stop there. She went one step further and got us to see the very same issues (issues that my Husband and I had spoken to the counsellor ad nauseum and never found any headway) in a different light and that really helped me and my Husband in our communication. In fact, that was the turning point to my Husband and I seeing things in a different way, leading us to consider for the very first time, the possibility of a reconciliation. She also gave us very practical solutions to guide us along the way and this was one bit that I found very useful because at this very forlorn juncture, sometimes we just need someone to direct us the way, rather than pose open-ended questions that just serves to confuse us even more. But at the same time, she was mindful that the suggestions are but for guidance and that we do not rely upon her as a crutch.

After having met Angelina for about 8-10 sessions over the course of 3 months, I am happy to say that my Husband and I are on our way towards reconciliation and I have since withdrawn divorce proceedings, something which I have never envisaged.”



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