1) Individuals or couples who wish to:

  • Explore mediation by a neutral third party to help resolve their marital disputes and repair their marriage.
  • Understand the financial, legal, and other implications of divorce for them and their children, and the best options available to them.
  • Avoid filing a contested divorce and expensive drawn-out litigation, and instead use mediation to close gaps between the two sides.  The goal then is to achieve agreement on the terms of a divorce and related matters, including matrimonial assets, child and spousal maintenance, custody and access matters etc.
  • Explore mediation even after one party has filed for divorce, to avoid a drawn-out litigation process.
  • Retain legal representation in the event of a contested divorce.
  • Retain expert counseling services, while undergoing mediation or litigation, with Integro. 

2) Family members who are experiencing any form of disagreement on issues relating to asset distribution of deceased parent or the appointment of deputy for a vulnerable parent, and hopes to resolve the differences through mediation.

3) Family members running a business, and experiencing disagreement on the management of the business and hope to resolve the differences through mediation in order that the family business is able to continue thriving and the relationship between family members (who are also colleagues) may be preserved.

4) Lawyers seeking expert mediation services for their clients in relation to any dispute.

5) Lawyer(s) who seek to appoint experienced counsel to present arguments in court effectively and cogently. 

Individuals and couples exploring mediation or litigation are welcome to make an appointment with us for an Initial Consultation to explore their options.