Relevant information on the laws and regulations governing divorce are available on the homepages of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the Family Justice Courts of Singapore, respectively.

As a start, parties should note their eligibility for divorce. It is recommended they explore counseling and mediation before taking any legal actions.

Both the Singapore Government and the Family Justice Courts have measures in place that encourage parents to forge an agreement on the terms of their divorce and related issues involving their children, before filing for potentially contested divorces.

As stated on the MSF’s website:

“To better protect the interest of children affected by their parents’ divorce, divorcing parents with minor children below 14 years of age (to include children below 21 years old at a later phase), who cannot agree on all matters of divorce including an agreed parenting plan for their children, will need to attend a mandatory parenting programme before they can file for divorce.”

And, on the Family Justice Court’s website:

“Divorcing parents, who have at least one child below the age of 21 are required by law to undergo mandatory counselling and mediation at the Child Focused Resolution Centre (CFRC) as part of divorce proceedings.”

Parents who have agreed on all matters relating to the divorce are exempted from attending the mandatory parenting programme.