Angelina Hing

Angelina Hing

Founder & Managing Director

Angelina Hing has extensive experience in the legal field.  In the early years of her career, Angelina was an established litigator, handling high value corporate disputes.  She is an Attorney and Counsellor at Law, in the courts of the State of New York.

 She was most recently a District Judge of the Family Justice Courts, from 2009 to 2016.  She has a wealth of experience mediating complex issues relating to child custody involving difficult issues of international relocation and allegations of child abduction, as well as all financial issues relating to divorce.

Angelina helped drive the courts’ innovative initiatives to provide mediation and protect the well-being of children involved.  She saw first-hand how mediation couples resolve their issues and minimise the negative impact of divorce on families.  She was deeply inspired to encourage couples thinking of divorce to mediate their marital issues, even before they go to the courts. Angelina hopes to influence a change in mindset and promote mediation as the default first stop for most couples contemplating divorce, wherever possible and beneficial, to avoid unnecessary contestation and litigation. 

She is an accredited Principal Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and sits on the Family Panel of the SMC.  She is also an appointed adjudicator at Financial Industry Dispute Resolution (CEDR), which is the largest conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world.