Dylan Han

Dylan Han

Senior Legal Associate

Dylan is a Senior Associate with Integro Law Chambers. After training in commercial litigation and arbitration, Dylan felt the pull to build his practice in an area of law which could serve the community and impact people’s lives. Thus, Dylan joined Integro to pursue his passion in family law.

In family disputes, Dylan endeavours to help his clients resolve their matters amicably, to minimise any adverse impact on the children and the parties. Thus, Dylan strongly supports Integro’s practice of engaging in extensive pre-writ negotiations, without prejudice meetings and mediation. However, if an amicable resolution is not possible, Dylan has experience acting for clients in the Court process. Dylan has assisted the Managing Director in various matters, from child relocation cases, to hearings at the High Court (Appellate Division).

Dylan has also acted as lead counsel in mediation sessions at the Child Focused Resolution Centre, interlocutory hearings, ancillary matters hearings and an MSS enforcement trial at the Family Justice Courts. Some of the matters Dylan has been involved in include the following:

  • Assisted the Managing Director and acted for the Respondent Wife in the Appellant Husband’s appeal to the Appellate Division of the High Court against the High Court’s asset division orders. The pool of matrimonial assets was valued at more than S$12 million. The Appellate Division dismissed the Husband’s appeal and ordered costs of S$35,000 against the Husband.
  • Assisted the Managing Director and acted for the Wife in Ancillary Matters proceedings in the Family Division of the High Court, which involved various interlocutory applications and evidence from several experts. The Court drew an adverse inference against the Husband and added more than S$1 million in undisclosed assets back into the pool of matrimonial assets to be divided.
  • Acted as lead counsel for the adoptive parents in contested adoption proceedings. The birth parents resisted the adoption application although the child had been in the adoptive parents’ care since birth. The Court eventually granted the Adoption Order.
  • Acted as lead counsel in an application for Letters of Administration. The adult beneficiary, who was previously uncontactable, filed an application to be appointed as co-administrator of the Deceased’s estate.
  • Acted as lead counsel for the Husband in an application to set aside the Interim and Final Judgment for Divorce. The Husband argued that, amongst others, the Wife had misrepresented the terms in the draft divorce papers. The parties eventually reached a mediated settlement.
  • Acted as lead counsel at an ancillary matters hearing in the Family Justice Courts. The Court divided the matrimonial home 80% : 20% in our client’s favour. Reported judgment: VYN v VYO [2021] SGFC 127
  • Acted for a Father in an application to relocate the children to a foreign jurisdiction. The case involved allegations of family violence. During the proceedings, the Mother suffered an adverse reaction from the COVID-19 vaccine. Dylan acted as lead counsel for the Father in the Mother’s appeal to the Family Division of the High Court. Reported judgments: WDB v WDA [2023] SGHCF 1 and WDA v WDB [2022] SGFC 40.

Dylan graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2019 and received the Montrose Memorial Prize for the joint-top student in Jurisprudence. He obtained a Distinction in Family Law Practice for Part B of the Singapore Bar Examinations and was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2020.