Forever grateful to you and team

“Thank God you agreed to take on my complicated and unique case with a history of 5+ years of acrimonious litigations; so much for you to go through. In my heart, I know you took on the case to save and protect my children. At this pivotal point, and from this insurmountable position, you have succeeded and you have now given us the much-needed resolutions through several Court Orders…
I now have space and peace to carry on and the time to focus on the welfare and healing of my children. My only regret was not having you represent me from the very start in 2012, because this would have saved me 5+ years of legal battles and most importantly saved my children from the initial 5+ years of anguish and pain. Without your representation, I believe I would still be in my state of hopelessness in trying to protect my children though the courts. How I pray that those in similar situations will receive the same legal resolutions that you have successfully gotten for me and my children.

Forever grateful to you and Team.”

C. Yong

Warmth and kindness, as a human being

“That my ex-husband and I had decided to part ways after almost two decades together was something that saddened both of us. We wanted to end our marriage in a way that would do the least damage and bring the least pain to each other and, more importantly, to our children whom we both dearly loved. In my search for a lawyer who would understand our desire to end our marriage without conflict and with respect for each other, Angelina was recommended to me. From our first phone conversation, I was sure that she would be able to guide us through the painful process of ending our marriage with sensitivity, empathy, and understanding. My trust in her was not misplaced and I cannot thank her enough for both her competence and professionalism as a lawyer, as well as her warmth and kindness, as a human being.”


We will forever be grateful

“Thank you for the warmth and kindness throughout this process. You really helped me pull through and make this a smooth transition for me and my children. We will forever be grateful.”


They never made me feel I was alone in this process

“My divorce proceedings were dragged into its 18th month and closure was nowhere in sight. My previous solicitor convinced me that there was nothing we could do except wait for the litigation to occur. I was without direction, distressed and helpless. Then I decided to meet Angelina.

Angelina was very warm, affable and takes an effort to make you feel comfortable and at ease. She was so clear and precise in the way she intended to handle this case and provided 2 very viable solutions to avoid litigation. It was evident I was in good hands so I decided to engage her to replace my current solicitor with only 3 days before a Court attendance for my divorce.

Despite the time constraints, Angelina and her team handled my predicament with diligence, reliability and precision. They never made me feel I was alone in this process. They were able to communicate with me on a level I understood clearly which helped me make correct decisions. A divorce is a lonely, uncertain and daunting process but Angelina and her team alleviated the worries and provided certainty.

It was the 18th month into my divorce proceedings with an upcoming litigation that seemed inevitable when Angelina took over. The divorce was then finalized and litigation was avoided, all in a short span of 3 weeks. Thank you Angelina and team, my only regret is that I did not engage you from the beginning.”

I. Lee


Thank you for your service

“Though it has been a tough ordeal, the warmth of your team has helped to reduce the impact of the procedure as much as possible. I am glad to have approached your firm for help. God bless.”

L. Lim

Provides real value to their clients

“Having been a former family court judge, Angelina offers her clients sound and practical legal advice. Her extensive knowledge and pragmatic approach ensures you receive a reasonable outcome without necessarily escalating emotions or legal costs. She is a consummate professional who is readily available and very hands-on, which in an industry where only the HNW clients seem to get the time of the day from senior partners makes Integro a company that provides real value to their clients.”


    Practical, think “out of the box”

    “I was referred to Ms Angelina Hing for consultation on an issue involving aspects of family law.

    At our first meeting, Ms Hing impressed me with her quick and intuitive grasp of the problem. She was able to follow up with a solution that achieved a good result for me and my family. She is a practical lawyer who can think “out of the box”.”



    “Dear Angelina and team, thank you for your service. Though it has been a tough ordeal, the warmth of your team has helped to reduce the impact of the procedure as much as possible. I am glad to have approached your firm for help. God bless.”

    L. Lim

    Consummate professionals

    “Angelina and her team were consummate professionals in relation to the services they provided for me. My questions were always well answered, and I was well-advised each step of the way. The matters they were handling for me were handled in a timely and competent way.”

    Tom E.

    Patient & thoughtful guidance

    “Thank you, Angelina and your team for all your patience, thoughtful guidance and consideration for my legal expenses, clear explanations of the process and assurances throughout.

    I had full confidence right after our very first meeting.

    May God continue to bless and fuel your passion to help women especially, those who are in distress, facing very difficult disadvantaged situations or are at breakpoints in their marriages.”

    J. Koh

    Trouble-free experience & uncomplicated process

    “Angelina and her team handled my divorce very professionally. She was generous with her advice throughout the process, patiently answered all of my questions and made an extremely painful experience as trouble-free and uncomplicated as possible. With her help, I managed to settle my divorce in less than 6 months.”

    S. Fong

    Sincere thanks

    “I would like to thank the great and efficient service that I have received from Angelina Hing and her team at Integro Law Chambers LLC.

    She was very processional and was able to offer me the best solutions to the situation that I was facing at that time. I have also received a lot of assurance from her throughout this ordeal.

    Angelina and her team have worked hard, putting forth extra attention and effort to make my situation better. Her expertise and professionalism has definitely helped me to overcome my difficult situation at that time and I am happy to have engaged their services through the recommendation from my friend’s husband.

    I will highly recommend Angelina and her team to others who may require her services.”



    “I am very thankful for having been introduced to you. My first meeting with you have been very pleasant. It has helped me to immediately make up my mind to engage your firm’s services. I am even more grateful to you, Eunice and your team, for having patiently explain to me the best option and for the guidance given to me towards the amicable resolution of my case in the best possible time. Most importantly, your firm’s professionalism and practices as well as your experience, negotiation skills, compassion and kind-spirited disposition helped me gain a clear perspective of my needs and expectation.

    Thank you again for the time, efforts and legal advice provided to me.

    I wish you and everyone in your team well and happy.”


    Focused on my child’s best interests

    “After going through an international divorce while an expat in Singapore, I found myself suddenly in a situation where my child was not being allowed by his mother to relocate with me upon my expat term drawing to an end. After reaching out to Singaporean friends and colleagues, I was recommended to seek out Angelina Hing. Her legal background from being an attorney in New York to a District Judge in the Family Justice Courts in Singapore was very impressive. However, what I found even more valuable was her ability to see the picture clearly, even when I was blinded by emotions and fears. Angelina was able to keep me grounded while focusing on my true issue at hand, returning home with my child. She was always focused on my child’s best interests, quick to reply, and made time to be available to talk. Everyone thinks they made a great choice when they pick a lawyer. I, however, know I did because Angelina successfully negotiated my child’s relocation. When it was time for me to leave Singapore, my child was legally allowed to leave with me. Thank you Angelina!”


    Sensitive to my emotional difficulties

    “Ms Angelina Hing was referred to me through a friend and had particularly mentioned that she is a family lawyer who will by all possible means try to avoid animosity between the affected parties in any matrimonial case. Angelina is sensitive to the emotional difficulties I was going through and she was calm and helped me stay focused on my intentions. Although I had wished for a better outcome, I respected Angelina’s professional advice and she ensured that it did not prolong unnecessarily so that I am able to move on and put the matter behind me.”


    Human touch to the difficult process

    “After the first consultation, I felt that I could trust Ms Angelina Hing completely to represent my case. She put much thought to the matter, patiently provided me guidance and gave the appropriate advice. She’s very calm, professional and puts a human touch to this otherwise difficult process.

    I am very satisfied with the final outcome. Thank you for making the whole process simple and hassle free.

    I would strongly recommend Ms Angelina Hing and her team for anyone who requires help with the family law.”

    S.F Wah

    Angelina – An angel

    “I had suicide attempts and overdoses after the first court order. Life took a complete change when I decided to put my faith in God. Believing that my prayers and tears are not in vain.

    When I was first introduced to Angelina, I knew she is God’s answer to my prayers. I remember vividly her warm smile and firm handshake. During our only meeting, she listened intently and nodded from time to time and assured me that she is confident of winning my case. That was a powerful statement! Angelina is not only an outstanding and confident lawyer but also an extremely compassionate lawyer. During the most crucial part of my proceeding, she managed to succeed with the appeals. She seeks to resolve matters out of court if possible. Otherwise, she always has my interests at heart and will seek to take measures with the shortest time and lowest costs possible.

    I am impressed with her professionalism. In whatever decisions she makes, she will always seek my approval/agreement. Whenever I encounter difficulties with any issues, she will always encourage me to call her to discuss them further. Never had she once made me feel that she is too busy for me.

    Indeed, Angelina has been my pillar of strength and confidence. She has managed to transform my case of hopelessness to one filled with hopefulness. My psychiatrist saw me after I met Angelina and remarked that my speedy recovery is a miracle. It would not have been possible without my faith and a good lawyer (of same faith).

    God’s promises to me: Joel 2:25 “I will restore to you the years that the locusts has eaten.” Isaiah 61:3 “I will give you beauty for ashes.”.”

    S. L

    Efficient & client focused

    “I changed my lawyer to Angelina within 2 days after meeting her for consultation.

    During the meeting she gave me good suggestions to address my specific concerns on childcare matters based on her experiences, instilling my confidence in her. Throughout the process, she worked professionally and efficiently. She was instrumental during my court mediation, where she was quick to propose clauses to the other party, taking into consideration the concerns from both sides. Indeed, she made the mediation almost painless and the ancillary matters were settled without having to go for hearing, greatly reducing the legal fees. Thereafter, I continued to engage her service to settle the remaining issues pertaining to the court order with my ex-husband. This reduced the mental stress of having to negotiate with him directly.

    Overall, I would strongly recommend Angelina to handle their divorce matters as amicable as possible.”

    Wei Wei

    Marital mediation

    “Whatever outcome you’re hoping for, your best chance of getting to it is to dial down the confrontation and embrace dialogue: this is what Angelina believes and practices.

    This strategy also happens to be the least expensive and most pain-free for her clients, which tells you what you need to know about her integrity-since she doesn’t gain big from the shorter, less attritional approach that she promotes. Trust is huge in this situation and we were able to establish that from the start, because in addition to sensing she will be putting your best interests first, her stature within her profession gives her instant initiative in conversations with other lawyers.

    I was so very relieved to get through this with a minimal amount of difficulty and strain, and Angelina’s stewardship and expertise were the main reasons for that.”

    Nicholas Allcock

    Tenacious & patient mediator

    “My wife and I have seen 2 counsellors before and we were already in the process of an ugly divorce when we met Angelina.

    What made Angelina’s marital mediation different is that she is able to unearth and present the issues facing us in a way that both parties can understand. It is clear that men and women think about and understand issues very differently and Angelina is always able to explain the issue to both my wife and I individually in a way we can understand it. She is both tenacious and patient in the way she uncovers and surfaces the issues and is not afraid to state the obvious even if it may not be pleasant to hear. That to me is the biggest difference between marital mediation and counselling and Angelina is able to do this whilst maintaining fairness and almost gender neutrality so that there is a safe platform for issues to be discussed without prejudice. With her vast experience in Family Law, she is also able to explain the legal procedures in a simple way that a layman like me can understand.

    There is still a lot of work to be done of course when it comes to my marriage but I am certain that Angelina’s help is the reason why we are finally reconciled and the family is back under one roof again.”


    Marital Mediation > Reconciliation

    “My Husband and I were in the midst of a rather acrimonious divorce proceeding when we met Angelina and embarked upon marital mediation. Prior to this, we had attended 1.5 years of marital counselling but unfortunately it didn’t work for us.

    When Angelina first met us, she took time to get to know us and was able to crystallise the issues in a way that they do not seem so unmanageable or unsurmountable but without trivialising it either. It did not stop there. She went one step further and got us to see the very same issues (issues that my Husband and I had spoken to the counsellor ad nauseum and never found any headway) in a different light and that really helped me and my Husband in our communication. In fact, that was the turning point to my Husband and I seeing things in a different way, leading us to consider for the very fist time, the possibility of a reconciliation. She also gave us very practical solutions to guide us along the way and this was one bit that I found very useful because at this very forlorn juncture, sometimes we just need someone to direct us the way, rather than pose open-ended questions that just serves to confuse us even more. But at the same time, she was mindful that the suggestions are but for guidance and that we do not rely upon her as a crutch.

    After having met Angelina for about 8-10 sessions over the course of 3 months, I am happy to say that my Husband and I are on our way towards reconciliation and I have since withdrawn divorce proceedings, something which I have never envisaged.”