Family Law

We represent clients in all areas relating to family law. We take a holistic view of their challenges and will provide them with the necessary support they need throughout the process.

Mediation and Counselling

At The Family Chambers, our Family Mediation ranges from Divorce Mediation to Child Inclusive Mediation. We also specialises in other dispute mediation like, Workplace disputes, Family business disputes, sport disputes, and many more.

All Types of Litigation

We believe that Litigation should be the last resort for dispute resolution. In the event that there is a need for Litigation, you can count on Integro Law to provide the necessary support our clients need.


We have years of experiences in conveyancing and can act for you in following categories of conveyancing: HDB Properties, Private Properties, BTO Flat Purchase using Bank Loan, Shophouses, Commercial & Industrial Properties, Refinancing, Redemption of Property

Who Engages Integro?

1. Individuals or Couples who wishes to
    • Explore mediation by a neutral third party help resolve their marital disputes and repair their marriage.
    • Understand the financial, legal, and other implications of divorce for them and their children, and the best options available to them.
    • Avoid filing a contested divorce and expensive drawn-out litigation, and instead use mediation to close gaps between the two sides. The goal then is to achieve agreement on the terms of a divorce and related matters, including matrimonial assets, child and spousal maintenance, custody and access matters etc.
    • Explore mediation even after one party has filed for divorce, to avoid a drawn-out litigation process.
    • Retain legal representation in the event of a contested divorce.
    • Retain expert counseling services, while undergoing mediation or litigation, with Integro.
2. Family Business
    • Family members who are experiencing any form of disagreement on issues relating to asset distribution of deceased parent or the appointment of deputy for a vulnerable parent, and hopes to resolve the differences through mediation.
    • Family members running a business, and experiencing disagreement on the management of the business and hope to resolve the differences through mediation in order that the family business is able to continue thriving and the relationship between family members (who are also colleagues) may be preserved.


3. Lawyers
    • Lawyers seeking expert mediation services for their clients in relation to any dispute.
    • Lawyer(s) who seek to appoint experienced counsel to present arguments in court effectively and cogently.


Integro Law Chambers LLC
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Integro Law Chambers LLC
Based on 567 reviews
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Forever Grateful to you and Team

“Thank God you agreed to take on my complicated and unique case with a history of 5+ years of acrimonious litigations; so much for you to go through. In my heart, I know you took on the case to save and protect my children. At this pivotal point, and from this insurmountable position, you have succeeded and you have now given us the much-needed resolutions through several Court Orders… I now have space and peace to carry on and the time to focus on the welfare and healing of my children. My only regret was not having you represent me from the very start in 2012, because this would have saved me 5+ years of legal battles and most importantly saved my children from the initial 5+ years of anguish and pain. Without your representation, I believe I would still be in my state of hopelessness in trying to protect my children through the courts. How I pray that those in similar situations will receive the same legal resolutions that you have successfully gotten for me and my children. Forever grateful to you and team.”

– C.Yong

We will forever be grateful

“Thank you for the warmth and kindness throughout this process. You really helped me pull through and make this a smooth transition for me and my children. We will forever be grateful.”


– C.S.